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Fit and Fierce with MOtivation!! Right?? Winter is approaching fast and motivation can be hard to find especially once it is lost!

If you want to get active but don’t know where to start try something new!

Go to a class, try a new sport or go bowling?

I offer a couple different options from group dance fitness to a mild stretch and strengthen class. If you really want to make a shift then perhaps book me for a personal training session to help put yourself on track. Additionally if you are feeling a little blue it may be a vitamin deficiency and here in Nakusp B.C. we need our vitamin D!

I practice meditation daily and it really helps me on many levels. During my practice I have discovered The top 7 things we can do to keep us motivated, young and Golden!

#1 meditate

#2 Have a positive social support

#3 Close emotional friends

#4 Take a multi/mineral complex supplement

#5 Get enough sleep, and not too much with daily activity

#6 stay curious, open minded, no resistance

#7 Keep a willingness to learn new things

When we are aware and full we are complete and motivated. Choose to stay youthful and ever renewed by applying some of these habits into your life. You have the power to be Fit and Fierce!

“I fully embrace the flow of life!”




Published by movewithnikki

"Move the way LOVE makes you move." Osho I'm into community, Kids and families, Connection, Empowering Women, modelling, evolving and a conscious Culture.

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