Puppets on the Move

Themed puppet shows, Fun puppet building workshops, and silly Zoom classes
for kids of all ages

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Puppets on the move has many components; Fun workshops, Black Light Puppet shows with Crankie boxes and table top puppets, as well as live offerings of silly things as we transition to an online puppet style for these trying times. 

Our programs and workshops draw the players into self awareness, connection to a deeper form of creativity and exposure to culturally rich stories. Life skills are an integral part of our learning. We focus on inclusion, co-operation, personal and social responsibility and creative thinking. Participants in workshops have opportunities to build puppets, create stories and perform for friends and family.

What you can count on by using PUPPETS ON THE MOVE?

  • Fun, Movement, Dance
  • Creative Play
  • Imagination
  • Building Community
  • Team Building
  • Story Telling
  • Education
  • Build-A-Puppet
  • Bridging the Gap between Old and Young
  • Trading Post (for those special days)

Our Signature Puppet Shows

Our puppet shows are a ready-made presentations of approximately 15 minutes with an additional 30 minutes for setup and take down.

We currently have two shows to offer:

Aldreama the Magnificent. This is an outdoor or indoor medieval play that incorporates small little stories to lead Aldreama to her magnificence with the power of her audience and friends along the way.

The Last Kootenay Mermaid. This is a black light puppet piece about a young female character who hears from her Ancient Elders, teachers and forest creatures leading her to make a big change for herself and the tribe she lives with. This story is adapted from inspirational stories of our Sinixt and local Kootenay Indigenous cultures.

We also design specific themed shows, improv nights, parties, events and school programs. Get in touch to discuss your ideas.

“You are an AMAZING puppeteer. Your characters, voices and synchronization are superb. The black light concept was very interesting.”

Parent after seeing “The Last Kootenay Mermaid”

Build a Puppet Workshop

$5 – $20 per Child for Supplies

This is a 30-minute interactive program where you’ll explore a theme, build a puppet, and help act out a story.

Popular choices of puppet making themes:

  • Make n bake Glow puppet figurines (will need access to an oven)
  • Lively Glow stick/shadow puppets (will need tables and glue)
  • Black Light 2D Animation Workshop
  • Arm and Rod / Soft Body Puppets and Story Telling
  • Toy Theatre Workshop with Fairy and Gnome Sculpting
  • Crankie Box Story with Stick Puppets
  • Puppet Animation Camp/Community Performance

Get in touch with me to discuss your theme and ideas for your puppet making workshop.

“The kids had a blast at your workshop, and they’re excited about starting another one.”

Teacher after booking a Build A Puppet workshop for her class

Intensive Workshop

Starting at: $250

Our intensive workshop uses puppet animation with your friends, fellow students, or fellow comrades in your workforce to build a better team. Puppets are NOT just for children at all!

We use ready-made puppets rather than making our own. I have numerous different stages and theaters to choose from that will help us explore, create & play.

The workshop is typically 60 minutes long and includes:

  • Ice Breaker and Animation Games
  • Collaboration Stories
  • Crankie Box Demo and Play
  • Live Performance

Travel along this journey of creativity with me! Get in touch with your questions, theme selections, or ideas for a customized puppet workshop.

Zoom Classes

zoom puppet show classes

$tbd for 30 minutes

Book your private birthday show or entertainment class for kids! I can offer a variety of themes, puppets and backdrops depending on your ideas and needs.

All shows are provided via Zoom at a time that works for you!

“You are so talented, thank you for the show”

Parent after hiring us for a birthday party

Why Puppets On the Move?

Make the best out of your life by investing in Puppets on the Move. Puppet play will enhance your family, school, AND community. MOVE WITH NIKKI offers you a complete program suited to your needs by making puppets, stories, plays and creating a whole new element of FUN AND SILLINESS. Fabulous memories, building up your team and going into places you might not go without puppets is exactly what will happen!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this just for kids?
Absolutely not! You can use our puppet building workshop for adults, too. It is a great exercise for team building, creative thinking, and connecting with our inner artists. Adults don’t have to build puppets, either. I can bring a selection of ready-made puppets that we can use as part of the story building games.

How many kids/adults can particpate?
A typical show or workshop is up to 12 participants. Contact us for larger group requests.

“Inspire the World with your unique creative gifts! We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the Lights and sounds of the Earth.”