Septemeber – November 2020 offering rich impacting puppetry and workshops

Black Light Performance using Arm and Rod, shadow puppetry and Crankie box.

The Performance of THE LAST KOOTENAY MERMAID was wonderful. Thank you to ALL our fans and fun kids who participated and those who are still to come join us on our tour! Here are some comments from the show.
“very charming”
“You are so talented, thank you for the show”
“They really have a blast at your workshops, and they’re excited about starting another one.”
“You killed it at the puppets, you’re super talented and I really appreciate what you do for the kids thanks so much!”
“You are an AMAZING puppeteer (if that’s the word). Your characters, voices and synchronization are superb. The black light concept was very interesting.”

Thank you, Columbia Basin Trust! Funds are still availble to offset costs for your community to receive one of the best puppetry workshops and black light performances of 2020!            

What does the KPP tour offer for Kootenay communities?

The Kootenay Puppet Tour has three componants. Workshop, story collaboration, and live puppet show. We take the particpants through some live animation skills, puppetry arts and set designs. We then offer a cultural story telling of our Indigenous roots of the area by collaborating with eachother and with elders of the land. Our final piece is to fuse our games, puppet building ,story collaboration and our unique puppet performance for a memorable and transformational experience.


All Puppets on the Move shows bring you into self awareness and the ability to connect deeper with yourself. That is because life skills are an integral part of the content. We also focus on inclusion and allowing the participants of the workshops to have opportunities to perform in the larger audience shows.

We currently have two shows to offer. Puppet plays run approximately 30-60 minutes including setup and take down time. Puppets on the Move also designs specific themed shows, improv nights, parties, events and school programs.

  1. Aldreama the Magnificent/outdoor or indoor ( a medieval play that incorporates small little stories to lead Aldreama to her magnificence with the power of her audience and friends along the way 
  2. The Last Kootenay Mermaid – A black light puppet piece about a young female character who hears from her Ancient Elders, teachers and forest creatures leading her to make a big change for herself and the tribe she lives with from inspirational stories of our Sinixt and local Kootenay Indigenous cultures.

Choose two options for your KPP Tour package which includes :

Workshop and Live Puppet show

Workshop Materials: Option : 1) Make n bake Glow puppet figurines 2) lively Glow stick/shadow puppets

Workshop includes puppet making and two games for ice breakers and closing as well as option to story collab with the Crankie box to add into the live performance. 45-120minutes

Don’t live in my home town? That’s okay I will travel to YOU! If you are in the Columbia Basin I offer packages at a discount price from Sept- November 16th. Bookings need to be made by Sept 30, 2020.

Call me to book 1-250-878-6379

Or email through website

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