Creative Movement

Close your eyes and tune into your body…

Creative movement is about having fun and making up your own movements. Close your eyes and tune into your body. Explore how your body responds to different sounds, feelings, and motions. Allow yourself to simply be moved by the music.

This dance improvisation builds creative function and new neuro pathways in our brains to optimize our health.

Creative movement is great for those little ones who have boundless energy, too. It can be used as a foundation for youth events or parties where you want to establish connection and relationship building in a fun holistic way. I offer kids classes with the added pleasure and happiness of Puppets to bring a sense of wonder and imaginative play into the experience.

This Class is for Everyone

No experience is needed to participate in our creative movement classes. All levels are welcome! We move, strengthen, play and unite ourselves to the music for a full holistic experience.

Join this lively, encouraging and energetic musical experience
to keep you vital, strong and playful in your body!

What to expect? In this class, there will be multiple songs and improvisation dance prompts for you to explore. We will tune into our bodies and move them in many different ways. The goal is to tap into your senses and awaken your inner free spirit. You won’t be learning any “right” or “wrong” dance movements. Any movement is the right kind of movement.

What to bring? All you need to bring to this class is an open mind. Maybe some of the ideas of free body movement challenge you – that’s okay! We are all in this together. Our groups and classes don’t judge, it’s not a contest or competition. You just come and be you.

How to book? Classes are offered as individual training sessions, by group requests outdoors, in homes and online. Please get in touch to choose your date.


Here’s a fun video I did of my own creative dance to “Tea for Two” by my dear friend and an old neighbor, John Anderson the musician.

The following video is an excerpt of a creative movement Zoom class with elements of Zumba. I tend to use all styles of music! Latin, swing, soul, electric,… something for everyone!

“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Packages and Discounts


those who identify as a minority, in need of financial assistance and fun kids that want to work with puppets A LOT!

Are you hosting an event or party? We offer packages and discounts to:

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  • Birthday Parties
  • Schools
  • Groups
  • Non-Profit Organizations

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