“There is nothing outside of yourself. Look within. Everything you want is there. YOU are that”.

Hello and Thank you for stopping in! 

I am Nikkicole and my work includes Kundalini Yoga, Tantra, Bellyfit and Puppet Animation Art Therapy and Puppet Shows.  I am inspired by the science of positive psychology and holistic wellness practices.

      With over a decade of experience in mind body practices, overcoming a spinal injury, and mothering three beautiful children with PTSD, Autism and ADHD has leveled up my awareness and practical approach to heal and restore balance in the entire energy body. I consider myself a  lightworker, a constant learner and a seeker of truth.

I am the owner and operator of MOVEWITHNIKKI, a holistic Fitness and Arts Mobile Service.

I have the privilege to work with all ages in many different environments. From in schools, homes, events, libraries, parks and Zooms! This helps to really understand humans and how we all require some basic maintenance tools. Such as our thoughts and actions in positive alignment. Using the powerful tools of creativity, Art, music, dance, mudras, meditations and visualizations we connect to our Gut, Heart and Head Brain to complete a functional circuit. This is where we really see the value of our uniqueness and have the boldness to shine it out.

“Small changes add up to big results”.    We all want to live happy lives filled with purpose, being heard, being seen and understood. It takes a bit of wisdom, a lot of love and the opportunities to make it happen. I love to travel, drink coffee with the river and plants and dance wildly as I sing a song to the moon. My vision continues to grow and evolve so I can be of Great service!

May you feel  authentic, integral and inspired. May you feel energized as you serve the World in your best ways. May you see your unique creativity and ways to honour it. 

I look forward to moving you closer to your holistic goals and connecting you to your bliss very soon.

Sat Nam~ and Much love

Thank you.