Heart Hands 01

 “There is nothing outside of yourself. Look within. Everything you want is there. YOU are that”.

Inspiring the world to empower themselves with unique holistic tools like movement, dance, meditation, puppets and creating masterpieces with anything we put our imaginations to. Life is for fun and when we are having fun that is when the real magic happens.

Thank you for visiting the vision of my business. I have decided to add in a current project I am working on as part of my vision. I see a huge need in our World for mentors and leaders that lead a life of healing, LOVE, Integrity, and authenticity.  I am currently working on some big changes and I want to include my family along the journey. I have posted a link to my GoFundMe page here because it is my vision to heal the World with the tools I receive and the work I do in my classes. That being said every donation that is made to the GoFundMe will be personally invited to a special night of INTEGRATION, with what I have learned from my trip to Costa Rica. Please share some of this vision with me. It is my intention to live a life that benefits more than what I take. Please share and support. Thanks so much!