“There is nothing outside of yourself. Look within. Everything you want is there. YOU are that”.

Making this a functional holistic fitness and arts 🎭 business began with a broken back and a couple of boys with Autism and ADHD. I had no idea that my experiences would be the way I get to move the World. After a 95% compression of my L2 and a fusion that  constantly teaches me the importance of balance. Mindful movement is healing. When we can come together and share some tips, tricks and suggestions on how to handle pain and get through challenges with ease, this is the magic 🪄 

Movewithnikki is a service that offers a full mind body connection with meditation, support, and creativity that connects us ALL.

Parents, teachers, students, learners and yogis can find their inner child, gain a new perspective, and thrive with a holistic fitness and art practice.
It is a powerful tool when we combine it with our mind, body and soul practice. I want YOU to experience a whole new World on Holistic living.  By facilitating active classes, workshops, puppet shows, and providing raw food knowledge in communities, events, birthday parties, and for your home viewing pleasure, ultimately transforms YOUR movement. We all know

“Small changes add up to big results”.    We all want to live happy lives filled with purpose, being heard, being seen and understood. It takes a bit of wisdom, a lot of love and the opportunities to make it happen. The vision continues to grow with YOU! May you feel all your authentic, integral and inspired energy serving the World with your gifts in your unique creativity and may I find even more ways to move you into your vision 

Thank you. 

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