Heart Hands 01

 “There is nothing outside of yourself. Look within. Everything you want is there. YOU are that”.

The vision for Movewithnikki is to offer our participants, friends, clients and players a new perspective on holistic wellness. Art is a powerful tool and when we combine it with our mind, body and soul practice we experience a whole new World on Holistic living.  By facilitating active classes, workshops, puppet shows, and providing raw food knowledge and treats in communities, the vision is that ultimately YOU walk away changed. Even if its a small change because we all know “Small changes add up to big results”.    We all want to live happy lives filled with purpose, being heard, being seen and understood. It takes a bit of wisdom, a lot of love and the opportunities to make it happen. The vision continues to grow with YOU! May you feel all your authentic, integral and inspired energy serving the World with your gifts in your unique creatively moved way.

Thank you. 

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