Feel radiant, empowered, energized, strong and downright badass.

This class has it all, Cardio, Pilates and stretching.

Bellyfit, Bellyfit Flow and Bellyfit Sage are beautiful experiences designed for women to connect with themselves on a more holistic, mind-body-soul level.

In a lot of ways, it is the smart workout for the modern woman.

I regularly practice Bellyfit because the music keeps me motivated, the moves make me feel sexy and the meditations leave me grounded and clear.

It differs from other fitness practices in that we move vertical and linear along with fun African World music! We use components of belly-dance that strengthen the core with low impact. We breathe through ALL our movements with positive self-talk and we finish with a practical mudra that you can use at any given time of your day! This truly is a sovereign and mighty workout that YOU will not regret…

What does a Bellyfit Class look like?
We begin with connection to breath and we finish off with a symbolic gesture (Mudra) to align our journeys to our greater good.

What should expect from this class?
You can expect to feel radiant, empowered, energized, strong and downright badass.

What should I bring?
Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Bring a mat and a water bottle and setting an intention to connect with yourself on a deeper level to assist your daily choices and abilities! With my new Kundalini Fusion you are asked to bring a journal as well as an open mind for a new experience.

Bellyfit Class Schedule

Online sessions are available on Mondays, Tuesdays & Thurs 8:30am PST. Register by email

*LIVE on FB ~ Tantra Bellyfit class* November 15th 7:00am PST

Suggested Donation between $17-33

Join our private group

In person sessions are available in Nelson, Castlegar, Grand Forks, Slocan, New Denver, Nakusp and Edgewood as Weekend Outdoor Opportunities and if you can provide a space. Contact me to discuss the details and book your class!

“Moving Women in a way that is strong, sexy and sacred beautiful”