Coconut Cheats

It’s okay to cheat!!! When you cheat on a treat!!!

Nutrient dense yumminess that melts in your mouth! Loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and omegas. This is a delicate treat, however it is so good for you with no dairy, no GMO, no sugar, and no artificial flavors or colors that it’s like you have cheated out a treat!

Nikki’s coconut cheats are available upon request and at different markets in the community. Nikki brings her Coconut Cheats to her classes and programs upon request. Certain flavors she carries with her regularly and you can make your requests!!!


Using quality top grade organic products along with the skill set of safe food, these delightful beauties make one feel bliss and joy!

Base is super food COCONUT and super yum yum COCONUT BUTTER!

Essential oils from Young Living ARE infused with every bite for even more wellness for your spirit, mind and body!


Gogi delight, Vanilla Dream, Moringa Mint, Orange cacao, Lemon Drop, Cacao Pow, Coffee, and Cheryy explosion



Published by movewithnikki

"Move the way LOVE makes you move." Osho I'm into community, Kids and families, Connection, Empowering Women, modelling, evolving and a conscious Culture.

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