Puppets on the Move‘s programs draw the players into self awareness, connection to a deeper form of creativity and exposure to culturally rich stories. Life skills are an integral part of our learning. We focus on inclusion, co-operation, personal and social responsibilty and creative thinking. Participants in workshops have opportunities to build puppets, create stories and perform for friends and family  

Puppets on the Move workshop offerings:

Black light 2D animation workshop
Arm and Rod/ soft body puppets and story telling
Toy Theatre workshop with Fairy and Gnome scuplting
Crankie box story with stick puppets
Animation cam
p/ community performance

We currently have two shows to offer. Puppet plays run approximately 30-60 minutes including setup and take down time. Puppets on the Move also designs specific themed shows, improv nights, parties, events and school programs.


“Let’s keep life light and silly together, one puppet experience at a time” 😉

Nicole Aileen Weimer

Creatrix of Puppets On The Move and Movewithnikki

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