Dear Loves,
I wanted to simply let you know that I will be adding in online services! Hooray!
This is not easy for this Mountain River Energy Gypsy Nikki!
Nothing seems to be though…
The offerings I have set up thus far is Zoom Mindful soul dance at 8am on Tuesdays beginning May 12th
If you would like to be on my email list please go to the contacts and email me.
I will also be adding my Zumba dance classes once a week on my youtube channel
movewithnikki …..I hope this link works :


When you know yourself you are empowered. When you accept yourself you are invincible!

Tina Lifford

Currently, I have a wonderful mindfulness practice to offer our teen girls.

This Empowered program runs for 6 sessions and we will:

  • Create flexibility inside and outside of our physical bodies
  • Establish new self care remedies and practice a 3 minute mindful meditation that you will be able to use anywhere at anytime
  • New energetic fun and sexy moves
  • Great pumpin music to keep you smiling
  • Meet new friends in Zoom
  • Build confidence
  • Offer an enthusiastic Mentor along your journey

MOVEWITHNIKKI offers Self care loving, moves to inspire, colorful personality to share space and time with to create a unique experience together that will enhance your lively-hood!