Join Nikkicole for an awakened Tantra Kundalini Yoga class. A new vital energetic experience where we go beyond the limititations of our mind and dive deep into our living technology of our bodies. Moving with warm ups and a kriya that sets us up to feel free, safe, accepted, and connected. We will dance to recalibrate, vibrate and sparkle into the magnificent Light and Sound beings that we truly are. Integrating our magic with a savassna and a powerful micro-cosmic orbit meditation we will weave and balance our forces into the alignment of the Universal energy of Love and healing. Sign up for the She Is Wild Fest to experience this in person with many other fabulous offerings here : https://www.facebook.com/sheiswildfest

or simply Contact me to book your group or individual session


A lively, encouraging and energetic musical experience to keep you vital, strong and playful in your body! Classes are offered by group requests outdoors, in homes and online:


Offers a Full body work out using props from around the home, your own body and of course the practice of breathing into our resistence to build up our tools to manage stress more easily in our daily lives.

Stretch and Strength are offered outdoors in the community of the WEST KOOTENAYS as well as group or individual online ZOOM sessions. Please email me @ nicoleweimer@live.com

Just Move! 

Just move is an instructor lead class with latin, swing, soul, electric  with all styles of music! No experience is necessary! THIS CLASS IS FOR EVERYONE! All levels. We move, strengthen, play and unite ourselves to the music for a full holistic experience.

Wellness Coach Support and training sessions:

This includes One on one classes, workshops, support and resources to help you on your recovery path of wellness.
Contact me for an individual training session @ nicoleweimer@live.com

Creative movement

Creative movement is about being creative in your movement and having fun! This builds creative function and new neuro pathways in our brains to optimize our health. Creative movement is great for those Littles who have boundless energy and can be used as a foundation for youth events or parties where you want to establish connection and relationship building in a fun holistic way. I offer kids classes with the added pleasure and happiness of Puppets to bring a sense of wonder and imaginative play into the experience.

I am certified in Bellyfit, Bellyfit Flow and Bellyfit Sage which are beautiful experiences designed for women that I practice regularly because the music keeps me motivated, the moves make me feel sexy and the meditations leave me grounded and clear.

“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt






*Non-Profit Organizations

Please reach out by email nicoleweimer@live.com for a free quote and service best suited to your needs

I hope you will try a class with movewithnikki soon :p Much love and light on your path Sweet One! Thank you for visiting my page

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